Dog Moon Howl, Ritual Objects and such.

So, the Dog Moon Howl EP launch came and went – and even though it was a Sunday gig (not traditionally the best suited evening to rock), it was a grand night, a good time was had by all and so on.  This despite a piss poor showing on the Friday from Parcel Force who decided they couldn’t be arsed delivering a box of CDs because was a nice day or whatever, and my main guitar having a breakdown on the day of the gig.  So, the EP’s out.  Dog Moon Howl at Bandcamp – fill yer boots (also available from iTunes, Amazon blah blah blah).

Since then, I’ve been doing a bit of writing and that, including an update to the Ritual Objects blog.  I’ve been revisiting a modern favourite album of mine, Amanda Palmer’s Theatre is Evil.  Check out the write up HERE.

New Dog Moon Howl EP + Record Store Day

Due to some kind of mix-up by the organisers, I’ve been incorrectly listed as playing at Record Store Day in Stirling on April 22nd. Please note I am NOT playing this event. Of course, don’t let that stop you going along!

The new Dog Moon Howl EP, These Days, is available now via Bandcamp on CD and pay-what-you-want download.  The full digital release is also available via all the usual download stores (iTunes, Amazon etc.) plus streaming via Spotify et al.


Dog Moon Howl EP