Introducing: The Crow Bone Chorus.

Just discovered that an update to this site earlier this month didn’t “take”, so here’s the belated news …


With our first couple of rehearsals under our belts, I’m happy to say that my erstwhile band mates in Dog Moon Howl, Bryan Campbell and Ally Tennick, are joining me in a new project: Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus.  We’ll soon be bringing new music to a venue near you, by which I mean a venue near us, as well as selections from my studio releases and more besides.

Plans are now afoot to record and release my next album under the Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus banner.  The album is unlikely to be underway before early 2018 but we intend to be playing live before the end of this year.  The band will run in conjunction with The Craig Hughes Two, also gigging soon as well as releasing that pesky EP/mini album we’ve been threatening since forever.