All change …

I’m sad to report that Ally has had to bow out of the Crow Bone Chorus due to unforseen circumstances/life being a bitch/musical similarities. Bryan and I will soldier on but oor lanky drummist will be sorely missed.

Ally, Bryan and I started playing together in the ’90s as Smother Party before regrouping about eight years ago as Dog Moon Howl, gigging around Scotland and releasing a well-received album and EP, while Ally and I also kicked about as the Craig Hughes Two. When Dog Moon Howl seemed to have run its course, we all kept working together as Mister Hughes & the Crow Bone Chorus. We recorded an album, Seeing Ghosts, which has been in something of a state of limbo after a limited launch at the end of last year. We were all rather pleased with it though, eh.

It’s been a gas and I wish Ally all the best. I’m proud of the work we did together – I’m sure we’ll do it all again sometime. Whether he likes it or not.