Made a Thing …

Here’s a new video from Seeing Ghosts.  Enjoy.

Please do check out the album via the player and shop link below, or you can find it via iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, CD Baby, YouTube, Spotify and the rest of it!

All change …

I’m sad to report that Ally has had to bow out of the Crow Bone Chorus due to unforseen circumstances/life being a bitch/musical similarities. Bryan and I will soldier on but oor lanky drummist will be sorely missed.

Ally, Bryan and I started playing together in the ’90s as Smother Party before regrouping about eight years ago as Dog Moon Howl, gigging around Scotland and releasing a well-received album and EP, while Ally and I also kicked about as the Craig Hughes Two. When Dog Moon Howl seemed to have run its course, we all kept working together as Mister Hughes & the Crow Bone Chorus. We recorded an album, Seeing Ghosts, which has been in something of a state of limbo after a limited launch at the end of last year. We were all rather pleased with it though, eh.

It’s been a gas and I wish Ally all the best. I’m proud of the work we did together – I’m sure we’ll do it all again sometime. Whether he likes it or not.

New Album Out Now!

The new album, Seeing Ghosts is out now. Listen/buy via the player below or check it out on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and all that.

Wheels are turning …

The new album recording is nearly complete.  It’ll be the first using the “Mister Hughes” moniker and the first with the full band, Mister Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus.  Album launch will be at The 13th Note, Glasgow on November 25th.

There’s a bunch of photos and updates coming soon (once the teething problems with this furshlugginer website are ironed out).

Mister Hughes

pic: David Tennick

New stuff …

Here’s the first of three of new tunes from the first Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus gig a couple of weeks back, Catch a Break.

The others will be uploaded over the next few days.  These are warts-and-all/rough’n’ready recordings to be sure but hopefully they’ll be worth checking out.

Quick update + gig date

Apologies for the lack of news etc. since last year – I’m afraid  life rather got in the way.  This site will be being updated regularly (at least weekly) again as of now. There will be news about gigs, releases and new sounds coming soon.  In the meantime …

I’ll be playing a showcase gig with new band The Crow Bone Chorus at The Audio Lounge in Glasgow on Saturday afternoon, May 5th.  More details to follow.