Made a Thing …

Here’s a new video from Seeing Ghosts.  Enjoy.

Please do check out the album via the player and shop link below, or you can find it via iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, CD Baby, YouTube, Spotify and the rest of it!

New Album Out Now!

The new album, Seeing Ghosts is out now. Listen/buy via the player below or check it out on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and all that.

Off the Cuff …

The Craig Hughes Two will be releasing a mini-album, Off The Cuff, culled from a live-in-the-studio session we recorded late last year.  The tracks are a mixture of live regulars from m’back catalogue now performed with significantly different duo-arrangements, and a couple of cover versions.  We’re just waiting to get the licensing sorted out for the covers so we can decide on a release date – it will be available on CD and download; tape release TBC.  Update to follow once everything’s in place.

Dog Moon Howl will also soon be releasing the new EP, These Days – head on over to for more on that one.

Dog Moon Howl @ GGI Glasgow

I’m playing GGI Glasgow with Dog Moon Howl this weekend:


GGI Glasgow 2016 is a two day event running at Ivory Black’s on Sat/Sun 24th-25th of September.  Nineteen bands across two days/nights with DJing to take each night into the wee small hours.   Dog Moon Howl will be playing on Sunday evening alongside the likes of Constant Fear, Decibel Freaks and Hateful.

Hope to see some of you there!  For full details on the festival check out the GGI Facebook page HERE.


Check back for updates.  Craig Hughes Two gig and recording news coming soon.

Normal service is slowly being resumed.


“… well, it happens to us all.  Great big hard drive crash.  Months/years of work lost, as well as applications and so on.  Channel Nowhere’s websites have all fallen victim to local storage hell, so please bear with us as we try to clone a sow from the devil’s own silk purse.”

Check back for updates.  Gig and recording news coming soon.